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Fishing & Hunting Holidays

Unlock the thrill of the hunt and the tranquility of fishing with unforgettable hunting and fishing holidays in New Zealand.

Fishing & Hunting Holidays


Fishing & Hunting Holidays

Explore the Wilderness

New Zealand beckons hunting and fishing enthusiasts with its diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife. Whether you're aiming for a trophy game or casting your line in pristine waters, New Zealand promises unparalleled outdoor experiences.

Fishing & Hunting Holidays

Hunting Adventures

New Zealand's South Island offers prime hunting grounds for red deer, fallow deer, tahr, chamois, wild boar, and waterfowl.

Fishing & Hunting Holidays

Fishing Expeditions

Fly fishing enthusiasts flock to New Zealand for world-class trout fishing in rivers like the Tongariro, Taupo, and Mataura.

Combined Adventures

Explore tailored packages from hunting lodges and outfitters, combining hunting for deer and tahr with trout or saltwater fishing.


Hunting Adventures - Traverse challenging terrains in regions like the Southern Alps, Fiordland, and the Central South Island high country.

Opt for guided hunting trips for expert knowledge and assistance in tracking and harvesting game.

Enjoy various hunting methods, including spot-and-stalk, rifle hunting, bow hunting, and dog-assisted hunting.

Fishing Expeditions - Coastal waters teem with prized catches like snapper, kingfish, marlin, fly fishing, and yellowtail kingfish.

Charter boats offer access to prime fishing spots, guided by experienced skippers.

Angler-friendly accommodations provide convenient access to fishing hotspots and tailored amenities.

Combined Adventures - Embark on multi-day expeditions, immersing in New Zealand's stunning landscapes while pursuing your outdoor passions.

Ready for a unique adventure?

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