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Payment Policy 
When you book with Amazing New Zealand Itineraries, a 10% deposit is required. Full payment is due 42 days (6 weeks) before your travel date. If you book within 42 days before your travel date, payment is due at the time of booking. Please note some suppliers (for example some of the luxury lodges) require a deposit or earlier payment in which case we will apply the stricter supplier policy. In these cases, we will inform you at the time of quoting.


Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be received in writing.  If you cancel your holiday within 30 days before your travel date, there will be a 100% charge. 


We understand that postponements are sometimes necessary. If you need to postpone your trip, we will review each request individually and apply any necessary administrative fees. New dates will depend on availability, and additional costs may apply if the pricing for your tour inclusions is higher. We will discuss any extra charges with you before making changes to your tour. Please note that in some cases, we may be unable to postpone your trip due to factors beyond our control. 

Travel Insurance                    
We recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation or curtailment of your tour, loss of baggage and expenses due to sickness, accident or delays caused by matters beyond Amazing New Zealand’s control.

Accommodation: we chose a variety of accommodations for you, chosen for various reasons such as view, hospitality, location etc. Please note in the event of having to cancel, each establishment has its cancellation policy, it is not possible to list their conditions each time. As we don’t know you personally or know your preferences, please take the time to check online if the establishments chosen for you are to your liking as last-minute changes are not possible (for example let us know if you prefer a ground floor room.) Let me know if you are not satisfied with the ‘look’ or ‘feel’ of each establishment or room type suggested in the itinerary and/or would like to upgrade or downgrade anywhere.  Most accommodations and ALL eating and drinking establishments have strict NO SMOKING regulations.

Excursions: all excursions are subject to weather. All excursions cancelled by the service provider due to unfavourable weather conditions are 100% refundable. Excursions may also be cancelled by you but to receive the refund you must cancel within each provider’s own cancellation policy rules (most are 24 hours; some stipulate a longer period). Please note each company has its cancellation policy as well as conditions (such as minimum or maximum weights and/or ability to swim, etc.) and it is not possible for me to stipulate this each time. Such information is obtainable on their websites.  Amazing New Zealand Itineraries cannot be held responsible for any mishaps or accidents occurred on excursions we have recommended or booked for you. Always check with the locals for any last-minute updates, for example alert levels of volcanoes and/or extreme weather events that may result in flash floods, slips or glacier collapses; etc.  Amazing New Zealand Itineraries cannot be held responsible for missed connections or excursions having added helpful indicative times in the description.     

Privacy Guarantee: Amazing New Zealand does not register the traveller’s address, email address, phone numbers or any personal information.  The names and confidential data of the traveller are used only for reservation of the requested services, and will not be used for alternative sales, or handled or sold to third parties.

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