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Welcome to the "Amazing New Zealand Itineraries" website

Mix Narnia with Middle-Earth in a blender, add a few shots of diversity, surrealism, contrasts and awesomeness - and you may come close to the cocktail which is Amazing New Zealand. Fiords and fern forests, waterfalls and glaciers, volcanoes and beaches ….a global environmental oasis and New Zealand has it all – and more! New Zealand is a leader in the role as a world environmental protector, even declaring herself a nuclear free zone and 100% pure.

The air is clean, the rivers unpolluted, the grass oh so green and maybe more importantly New Zealand is hidden away from the day to day security risks that threaten other countries, which is why more and more international stars are choosing this country to holiday in, many of which even buying a second home here.

However trying to decide what to see in the time that you have can be a nightmare. How often have you returned from your holiday saying that if only we’d known, we would have done it differently. That is where our website is unique. We have taken the hours of research and planning away from you, hence the perfect shortcut to the perfect holiday.  

Our itineraries are designed to maximize your experience of New Zealand, which means not having to drive hundreds of kilometers a day. This is not Australia or North America where you need to drive all day to get anywhere, this is a land full of contrasts and surprises and needs time and a feasible itinerary to enjoy all she has to offer. National Geographic Traveller magazine suggests that when planning “that special trip”, travellers are advised to hire an expert who has “travelled extensively in a region, nurtured local connections and whose affinity for the place is infectious.”  We look forward to welcoming you to Amazing New Zealand. Our daughter Summer has recently completed her Batchelor's degree in International Tourism and has now joined our team.

The best months to visit are October and November, or February, March and April - unless you would like to ski of course. Please note that to be able to say I’ve seen New Zealand and to enjoy everything at a reasonable pace you will need 5 - 6 weeks…...and that’s just the highlights!
So if you have only 2 weeks, then you need to choose an itinerary that best suits your timescale, or ask us to customize one just for you. The 24 Days example covers most of our attractions between Auckland and Queenstown.

The price for a personalised itinerary is FREE and the final result will often work out cheaper than doing it yourself due to negotiated discounted rates offered to Amazing New Zealand Itineraries. As every single itinerary is unique and personalised to suit you, we ask you to take into consideration, before requesting us to create one, the considerable amount of time invested on our part creating your personalised itinerary – the intention should not be to request an itinerary and then book everything yourselves. We earn our income from the commissions paid to us by each establishment and excursion provider with no ‘percentage’ added as some companies do.

But as we earn our income from the commissions earned from booking everything for you, the intention should not be to ask for a 'free' itinerary and then book everything else yourself! Send us an email or fill in the online enquiry/booking form. By telling us about yourself, your travel party and what you would like from your trip to New Zealand allows us to customize the itinerary to your personal requirements. We can arrange anything, from an exhilarating helicopter ride to a sumptuous meal under the vines at an award winning winery or on top of a mountain.

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive service that will enable you to have the best possible holiday experience here in New Zealand, no matter what your interests or the size of your budget  as we know that no two holidays are the same.
Local knowledge is invaluable in creating the perfect holiday for you -  if your travel agent hasn’t travelled extensively in this country then you ought to consult the specialists. Our goal is simple - to exceed your expectations in every way. We have the resources, knowledge and dedication to make your New Zealand experience better than you can imagine. Welcome to
Amazing New Zealand.


We know New Zealand – we live here!

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