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The team here at Amazing New Zealand prides itself in providing the best possible service....I think the thank-you emails we have received so far reflects that we are quite possibly getting it right!

Our many satisfied clients have been amazed at the level of service we provide, from the moment they step off the plane and are personally met by our Amazing New Zealand representative, to the arranging of every detail (including individual maps) clearly outlined and explained in your own Deluxe Travel Pack .......a stress free vacation is the key to you having the most enjoyable vacation possible, ensuring you return home to spread the word about this amazing country!

Our accommodation providers are also constantly telling us how our itineraries are the best they have ever seen, and they have the opportunity to look at quite a few of our competitors examples, so I accept their compliments with pleasure.

If you like to be reassured by other persons words, then here follows a selection of emails we have received recently:

Hello Sandi -  What a super, super trip we have had around the North Island!

Many thanks for all your work in organising and booking our holiday for us. It all went so smoothly – no problems at all J

So many highlights and so much to remember. Thank you once again for booking and for our detailed itinerary book- (have just stapled  leaflets , tickets etc in to it)  and also for waiting so patiently for us at the airport !!

Love to see the South Island next. With BIG thanks ,     Fiona, John, Sarah and Tom


Hi Sandi,

Just an email to say thank you for all your work on our holiday - it was FABULOUS. OK, now New Zealand has wonderful scenery and great friendly people , but apart from that everything, but everything went like clockwork, there wasn’t a problem about anything.  Even when there was the substitution made in Wellington it turned out great, as the replacement was lovely, great views and the ensuite in the room

We just couldn’t believe how brilliant everything was, and the schedule and activities you organised for us were wonderful.  As I am sure you gathered we were just far too busy to really focus on the holiday, so I hadn’t even bothered to look up the B&Bs and hotels on tripadvisor, so the whole journey was one that developed over the weeks, with new surprises and great hosts, views and activities day after day.

Thank you so much - the scenic flights were a special favourite of mine, and I loved the helihiking, Mick loved the jetboat, oh and so much more. Fantastic, what a wonderful country and people.....

Once again, I cant thank you enough for the wonderful glimpse you gave us of your beautiful country - and even the weather was great.  As I am sure you can tell we are 'knocked out' by the whole experience. 2 very satisfied clients

All best wishes, Lynne and Mick Foster



Hi Sandi,

Laurie, Phil and I made it home to Florida last night.  What a fantastic trip!  You did a great job of steering us in the right direction for pretty much everything.  We had perfect weather for all but two days...... . 
We really did have a fantastic time and we are very grateful to you for all of your help and your suggestions.
We would be happy to be a reference for you, if you ever need one.
Thanks again, Beth

Dear Sandi,

Thank you for planning a really wonderful honeymoon trip for Ruchita and me in New Zealand. We had a great time there and appreciate the detailed and thorough itinerary that you made for us.-

Anand Dhariya

Thanks Sandi. I want to thank you for all your advice and planning of our trip to New Zealand. We enjoyed our visit to your country immensely. Your recommendations on B&Bs and sites to see were great. We were very pleased with your services and would recommend you to any friends who want to travel down under. All the best for the rest of 2013.

Regards from Canada,

Brian Ternoway, P.Eng.

Dear Sandi

We have been home for a month now and haven't stopped talking to anyone who will listen about our trip to wonderful New Zealand.  We had some great adventures and have you to thank for that.  Your itinerary took us to places we never would have considered if we were planning on our own.  Thank  you!  The accommodations were lovely and the breakfasts provided were delicious.  Each proprietor took time to help us with activities in their area and most went above and beyond to assure we were comfortable. 

We appreciated your greeting us at the ship and the tour of Auckland as it helped us get our bearings and gave us the opportunity to meet you.

Thank you for all your time and effort in preparing the itinerary, bookings, e-mails plus all the other many details that are involved.

All in all, it was the trip of our dreams. 


Hi Sandi

Well, we are at the end of our NZ trip.

These weeks were very intensive. We want to tx you for arranging it, every day was full of exciting views and activities exactly as we like. The places you chose for us to stay, the mix between hotels and BxB was perfect!

You tailor made for us the dream vacation . Usually I , Omer, is in charge of the planning.

I am very happy that you did it for us I could have never done as well as u do it! The agenda and the choice and timings of the activities was perfect!!

Your "book" has been extremely useful, efficient and entertaining. Even the coffee breaks were at the right moments and locations.

We found your country unusually beautiful, we come from a very small country were one can hardly drive more than an hour without hitting a town/city. Here we felt that this beautiful land is "limitless".

The people we met were all warm and genuinely happy to see us. The people who guided and served us are hard working and genuinely love what they do , even if they do it day in and day out. Always with a fantastic sense of humor. ( I would have liked our tourist industry to learn from NZ how to do it "right") When we are back and tell our friends and family about our trip we shall tell them that all the credit for this trip goes to you, So a big thanks! We will be back!!!

Nitsa and omer

Good morning Sandi,

I am writing tonight to sincerely thank-you for the excellent effort you did on our recent New Zealand holiday.We had a fantastic holiday full of lovely memories. We were very impressed with the excellent accommodation selections you made for us and the detail in the itinerary pack that you put together for our trip really helped. I must say that I usually put together my own itineraries when holidaying and that this is the first time I have done it this way booking through someone such as yourself. We would have no hesitation in coming back to you for a future itinerary when next we come to New Zealand. Thanks.
Thanks once again and all the very best for now.

Richard and Simone Scales

Hi Sandi,
We are finally back from our “Amazing”  trip to NZ. It was honestly a fantastic experience where we discovered a new country, some very nice people, and a beautiful landscape !!!
I must say that the package prepared and the recommendations for restaurant, hikes, activities were very good. All went as planned except weather caused us to miss only one suggested activity (a hike in Queenstown)........
We really had a great trip !!! Thank you !

Philippe Hynes, CFA


Dear Sandy,

We have been home for two weeks now, and I am sorry I haven't written to thank you for the great arrangements you made for our trip to New Zealand (Aug. 9-23).  It was a wonderful trip, and there was only one thing we changed (and I'm glad we did).
We loved New Zealand, and are looking forward to coming back one day-- I've told everyone I know about the great arrangements and itinerary you made for us!  Your meeting us at the airport and guiding us through our first time on the roads was really, really above-and-beyond the call (we did fine on which lane to use, how to turn, etc., but we didn't get used to the turn-signal indicator and the windshield-wipers being switched! 
So sorry to be so brief this morning, but maybe I'll have a chance to write more one of these days-- Just wanted to let you know that everything went well and we were very pleased,

Loren Rice and Gary Flusche


Hi Sandi and how are you?

We got back safe and sound after our loooooong flight home!  We would like to both THANK YOU SO MUCH for planning such a wonderful itinerary for us.   You did an excellent job arranging the itineraries and selecting unique and beautiful accommodations for us.   We especially liked your attention to detail and the thoughtful extra little stops for scenic lookouts and short walks.   Each year, we take one or two vacations and this vacation was one of our "top 3 favorites" of all of our world-wide travels!  I will be strongly recommending you to our many friends and family that may be travelling to NZ in the future.

Again, many thanks for your personalized and wonderful travel expertise.  New Zealand is truly an amazing country and your travel services are equally amazing, indeed! 

(And their second favourite!)

Hi Sandi,

Thank you again and we had an experience of a lifetime in New Zealand!   We look forward to visiting NZ again in the future and we will definitely contact you for another "Sandi-customized-fabulous-itinerary"! Also, we will continue to refer our friends and family to you.

Linda and Alan Vinh

Hi Sandi,

Mum and I arrived home last night after a wonderful vacation.We were very impressed with how smoothly our trip went and your itinerary was fantastic.
On starting each day Mum and I would look at her book and say, “what has Sandi planned for us today”.          We loved all those great little recommended stops on the way to our next destination.
Next time Dean and I travel to New Zealand, we will definitely be contacting you again.
Warm Regards from a very happy client.

Jenni Roberts


We know New Zealand - we live here!


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